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Mary-Kate’s English Services

Mary-Kate’s English Services provides translation, editing and social media services in English for non-native English speakers, based in Biel, Switzerland.  The site is switchable between English and German, and is provided with a content management system (CMS) so the site administrator can easily keep all info up to date. The site went live in August 2016.

Bogenschützen Uttigen

The website for the Archery Club Uttigen, completed in April 2017. For this I used the WordPress CMS, where I developed a totally custom theme for the Club. I used various existing WordPress plugins for the required functionality, although I customised some plugins.

English Speaking Playgroup/School

The website for the English Speaking Playgroup/School in Bern, completed in July 2017

The school was happy with their existing website as viewed on a PC or laptop, but the website did not adapt to be viewed on smaller devices such as a mobile phone or tablet. Also the school admin could not easily update the existing site’s content.

So the school asked me to recreate the website, keeping exactly the same look when viewed on larger screens, but then implement the responsive design necessary to be viewed comfortably on mobile phones. I also based the new website on the WordPress CMS, so staff had easy access to update content whenever they need to.