Terms and Conditions

Offer: All offers include one month of maintenance after the website goes live.

Content: Aare Webdesign reserves the right to refuse to handle any content from the Client, for example because it is unlawful, inappropriate, offensive, or infringes privacy or copyright, or any other reason.

Delivery time: Aare Webdesign endeavours to provide a website within the given delivery time scales to the best of its ability. However, the Client agrees that the Developer is not liable for any claims, losses, costs incurred or compensation due to any failure to carry out services within a given delivery time scale.

Payment: 40% of the agreed price is due at the start of the contract, and the remaining 60% is due within 14 days after the website has gone live.

Payment period: The client shall pay the invoiced amount within 14 days of the invoice date.

Currency: For payment by clients in Switzerland, Germany or the UK, I can provide a bank account for payment that is local to and in the currency of that country.

Ownership: The rights and ownership of the website remain the property of Aare Webdesign until all payments have been received for the project and the website has gone live. After this the website is handed over to the Client. Upon this handover, website ownership goes to the Client, and Aare-Webdesign is no longer responsible for any content of the website, and is not liable for any infringement that may occur, eg the content is unlawful, offensive or infringes privacy or copyright.

Change of requirements: If the client wishes to change the contractually agreed work, this in principle is not a problem, but Aare Webdesign reserves the right, after agreeing with the client, to change the agreed price accordingly.